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jathara parivartanasana -Benefits of spinal twist yoga pose

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Jathara parivartanasana

What is Jathara parivartanasana ?

To know the meaning of this posture we must split the three Sanskrit words.

Jathara is the Stomach, parivartana is revolved and asana is posture. This posture tones the spinal column and removes the stiffness in the spine and shoulders.

This is a supine posture that should be done on a Yoga mat after the body has been warmed up adequately. This is usually practiced as a finishing series. Jathara parivartanasana is one of the deep spinal twist postures.

Targeted body parts that benefit while we do Jathara parivarthasana:

  • Abdomen,

  • Lower back,

  • Glutes,

  • Hamstrings.

How to do Jathara parivarthanasana.

  1. Start by lying down on your back with your legs stretched out on the floor

  2. Place your hands in line with the shoulders, both arms must be in a straight line and palms facing down on the floor for support

  3. Inhale, raise your right leg perpendicular to the floor, your foot must be facing the ceiling, and keep it as straight as possible.

  4. Exhale drop your right leg towards the left on the floor keeping it straight and simultaneously twist your trunk and neck towards the right. Be sure to lower it with control rather than just letting it drop with gravity as this may strain your back.

  5. Stay in this position for half a minute to 1 minute.

  6. Release the posture and come back to position 1.

  7. Repeat the same sequence on the other side for an equal length of time.

Benefits of Jathara parivartanasana:

  • This Asana is good for reducing excess fat around the abdomen.

  • It tones and stimulates the vital organs of the abdomen like the spleen, liver, and pancreas

  • Jathara parivartanasana is recommended for Gastritis

  • It helps to relieve sprains and catches in the lower back and the hip region.

Contraindication for Jathara Parivarthasana

  • People suffering from severe backache must avoid and do this only under supervision by an experienced yoga teacher.

  • Those undergone abdominal surgery must avoid this posture.

Preparatory postures for Jathara Parivarthasana

Ensure you have done warmup and the best yogic practice is to do a few rounds of Suryanamaskar.

Parivrtta trikonasana.


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