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Yoga For Eyes


The eye is a vital sense organ that aids in the effective perception of the world around us. We also use our eyes to communicate.

We now have a very clear understanding of the need for proper exercise, food, rest, and detoxification of the body in order to be free from any illnesses.

Similar care is required for our eyes, and yoga for the eyes is particularly beneficial.

Yoga for the eyes includes a few exercises that require eye movement in a certain direction as well as the Trataka practice, commonly referred to as concentrated effort for gazing an object.

Studies have indicated that practicing Trataka and moving your eyes have helped many people to improve their vision as well as provide benefits including improved memory, and attention, and help with treating insomnia.

Students preparing for exams, professionals looking to increase productivity, and anyone looking to reduce stress are all invited to take part in Yoga for eyes sessions.

Details of Trataka Workshop

Mode: This is Available Online / Also in our yoga studio in Nandhinilayout in Bangalore.

Day: This workshop is available on Saturday and Sunday

Duration: The workshop consists of 30 minutes of Theory and 1 hour of practice.

Time: Early Morning or Late Evening (will be informed after registration.)

How to Register: Call us at 9731968095 or 9972288623 to register.

Who can Attend: Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, but anyone with serious eye issues must see their doctor beforehand.

Glimpse of Trataka Workshop

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