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yoga classes in bangalore with flexible option

class timing: morning - 6am , 7am, 8.30am, evening - 6pm, 7pm.

day : monday - yoga for balance


As the name states balancing is about even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.


Balancing posture involves the center of gravity. The lower the center of gravity the more stable is the object. The higher it is the more likely the object is to topple over.


Balancing posture is about reducing the base of support which makes it more challenging to remain steady and intense concentration is required to avoid falling off.


Balancing posture involves Single leg posture, Arm balances, and also balancing on sitting bones.


Benefits of Balancing Postures

  • Improves concentration as balancing postures requires constant focus.

  • Tones the leg muscles, arms and improves core strength.

  • Balancing postures are known to bring emotional stability.

class timing: morning - 6am , 7am, 8.30am, evening - 6pm, 7pm.

day : tuesday - yoga for flexibility

front split.jpg

Flexibility is the capacity of a joint or muscle to move through its full range of motion. Stretching your body to become more supple and flexible offers many physical benefits. Being flexible is great for your health.


Benefits of Flexibility:

  • Reduce the chances of Injuries as the flexibility in your body will be able to withstand more physical stress and also you will get rid of muscle imbalances, which will reduce your chances of getting injured during physical activity.

  • Improves posture.

  • Improves circulation and also flexibility has been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

class timing: morning - 6am , 7am, 8.30am, evening - 6pm, 7pm.

day : wednesday - twist & bind

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marichyasana c.jpg

Twisting Pose: Twisting poses will help restore your spines natural range of motion, cleanse the abdominal organs, and stimulates circulation.

These postures are done standing, seated, and in supine position.


Binding Pose: Binding is done by using one part of the body to grab the other. Like in Ardha baddha paschimottanasana the hands are taken behind the waist and toes are held before bending forward.


Twisting and binding pose as Following benefits:

  • The twisting postures helps to keep the spinal muscles mobile, helping to keep you mobile as well.

  • Helps reduce back pain.

  • Improves the digestion and known to boost the metabolism.

  • Aids in peristaltic activity which helps in elimination.

class timing: morning - 6am , 7am, 8.30am, evening - 6pm, 7pm.

day : thursday - backbend & inversion

wheel pose.JPG

Backbend: The backbend postures are predominant in Yoga. Performing backbends regularly opens up the anterior side of the body, improves hip flexibility, and improves the flexibility of your lumbar and thoracic spine.

Benefits of backbend Yoga poses:

  • Strengthens the back muscles.

  • Know to reduce back pain

  • Improves posture

  • Expands lungs and improves breathing

  • Stimulates mood.


Inversions are the Head low postures or topsy turvy postures know to have lots of benefits. The immediate response for an inversion is fear of falling. The inversions could be mastered by breaking down the steps and following a slow and steady approach while learning.

Benefits of Inversion:

  • The flow of oxygenated blood to the brain may stimulate the Glands in the brain.

  • Inversions are said to be great Confidence booster.

  • Known to reduce stress and eliminates insomnia.

class timing: morning - 6am , 7am, 8.30am, evening - 6pm, 7pm.

day : friday - strength training

Chaturanga dandasana.JPG

There are some postures and workout that improve core strength. The muscles of the core include abdominal muscles, back muscles, and the muscles around the pelvis. Strong core muscles make it easy to do many physical activities.

Benefits of Strength Training:

  • Improves the stamina and physical strength

  • Enhances athletic performance.

  • Reduce backache.

  • Core yoga can help tone your abs.

basic yoga for beginners at morning 6.30 AM

Basic yoga is for beginners to help them create a strong foundation for their health and fitness. Basic yoga consists of Suryanamaskar and basic postures which enable a person to improve flexibility, improve muscle strength, boost metabolism, increase immunity, and aids in digestion.

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