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Fundamentals of yoga workshop

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Yoga is both a science and a philosophy. Almost every street and neighborhood in the modern environment offers yoga classes. The fact that yoga sessions are offered at gyms to clients is a good thing because it exposes fitness enthusiasts to a variety of exercise regimens and helps them utilise them effectively.

Yoga is one of the most misunderstood subjects despite being widely practised. Yoga is not just about developing flexibility, arm balance, or other acrobatic abilities. Yes, there are some postures that test your flexibility, but yoga is more than that; it's a way of life.

We at kushiyogalaya conduct the Fundamental yoga workshop for all the beginners to give them an insight into what exactly yoga is and also help them to take the decision as to how to start their yoga practice.

We at Kushiyogalaya offer the Fundamental Yoga Workshop to all new students to assist them to understand what yoga is all about and to help them decide how to begin their yoga practice.

Even those who frequently practice yoga can benefit from this session because it covers a wide range of yoga-related topics.

Details about this Workshop:

Mode: This is Available Online / Also in our yoga studio in Nandhinilayout in Bangalore.

Day: This workshop is available only on Sundays.

Duration: The workshop consists of 1-hour Theory and 1 hour of practical.

Time: Morning (will be informed after registration.)

How to Register: Call us at 9731968095 or 9972288623 to register.

Who can Attend: Anyone interested is welcome to attend this workshop, which is Free.

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