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Learn Yoga at Flexible Time matching your schedule anywhere from Highly experienced yoga teacher


Kushi Yogalaya in Bangalore offers Live online yoga classes for those seeking to practice yoga according to their convenient time and place.

Kushi Yogalaya is one of the best online yoga classes in Bangalore, India.

Our Yoga Classes are tutored by Highly Experienced yoga teacher Mr N.Rohit.

He teaches blending the Hatha and Ashtanga Styles of Yoga which is suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced level.

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Mr. Rohit
RYT - 500 Hrs, Yoga Alliance international
Yoga Wellness Instructor
YCB, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India ).
Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga
Annamalai University).
Author and Blogger

Rohit has been practicing Yoga for 10 Years, before that due to a sedentary lifestyle and pollution in Bangalore he was diagnosed with asthma and also suffered due to obesity, As a result, he had to live his life with restrictions.

By taking medication, his condition began to improve. Then, on the doctor's advice, he began taking yoga classes, which not only helped him recover from his illness but also roused his interest. After completing a teacher training program, he went on to work as a full-time yoga instructor, assisting others in achieving their fitness and health goals.

Rohit has completed the Yoga Certification Board's examination to become a Level 2 Trainer, also known as a Yoga Wellness Instructor. The Yoga Certification Board was formed by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. It is the only Board that has ever been established by a Government for the purpose of certifying Certified Yoga Professionals.

He has Attended various  Schools of Yoga and several Workshop to enhance his Knowledge.
He believes that self-practice is something that is vital for a good Yoga teacher, it's crucial to invest time in your own practice, and inner work, and commit fully to your practice which encourages you to continuously grow in your teaching.

Rohit handles Programs such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Shatkriyas, and Pranayama so as to meet the Different needs of his Clients towards their Health Goals. Students from all around the world are engaging in Rohit's class online. Also, he is offering the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

The students who have done 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training are certified by the World Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance International. They are also receiving training to appear for exams required for certification by the Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India.

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Yoga Teacher Training program

About kushi yogalaya

Kushi Yogalaya aims at Holistic healing. Holistics healing deals with 3 general types of Health -Physical health, Mental Health, and Spiritual Health.

A holistic approach is considered to be more effective because change occurs on all levels and as a result, positive changes are more likely to last long term and improve a person's overall quality of life In today's scenario people suffer more psychological stress than physical stress.

This accumulated stress for a prolonged period leads him to the so-called stress-induced disorders Like.

Diabetes, Obesity,Asthma,Hypertension,Arthritis,Backpain,Anxiety,Depression,Phobia,Fatigue,Nervousness,Neurosis.

We at Kushi Yogalaya teach the various therapeutical techniques of yoga in a holistic manner which plucks out the root cause and provide health and harmony



Our online yoga classes details:

Our online yoga classes are managed live on daily basis and no recorded video is used for sessions.

Live streaming videos are conducted by Rohit. N – ( RYT-500 Hrs, Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga ). Group classes are done with limited members so as to concentrate on each individual throughout the session.

Call Now for Free Trials  - 9731968095

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Our weekly classes schedule

6.00 AM – 7.00 AM / 7.00 AM – 8.00 AM / 8.30 AM – 9.30 AM / 6.00 PM – 7.00 PM / 7.00 PM - 8.00 PM

Monday         - Balancing

Tuesday        -  Flexibility

Wednesday   - Binding and Twisting

Thursday       - Backbend and Inversion

Friday            - Core Strength and conditioning

6.30 AM – 7.30 AM

Monday - Friday 

Saral Yoga / Yoga for Complete beginners


Regular online yoga classes are an excellent opportunity for people who are busy and cannot physically visit the studio due to their busy schedules. Our online yoga classes with flexible timing enable anyone and anywhere to attend the session and improve their health and fitness level.

Other Benefits of our Online Yoga Classes

Individual Attention:

All the candidates are first assessed to know their level of fitness and instructed accordingly to practice yoga safely and effectively.

Flexible timing:

On prior information the students can request for change in time based on their convenience and allotted accordingly to keep the practice consistent  for an individual.

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Yoga book : Yoga for beginners

Books are considered more beneficial for an individual to enhance his knowledge in a chosen topic.

Yoga for beginners is for a novice who is seeking guidance to begin the practice of this ancient art gifted by our sages.

Enrolling oneself to practice Yoga under the guidance of an experienced teacher is the best way to keep oneself fit and healthy. In addition to this, one must also make an attempt to know the history, fundamentals, and purpose of practicing this wonderful art and science of healthy life.

Reading this book enables one to know the significant aspects like the origin of yoga, eight-fold path, styles of yoga,  asana, pranayama, and meditation.


This book also conveys how to find the appropriate yoga school which is suitable for a seeker and various modes of practice available in the current trend.

Yoga for beginners.png
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No-43, 005,

9th cross,2nd main,

Anjanadri Enclave,


Bangalore - 560096.


Embedded Software Engineer, Intel Corporation


I have been training at Kushi yogalaya under the guidance of Rohit for the last 5 months. The knowledge he possesses in the field of yoga is unparalleled. He is a great communicator and a very patient tutor. He blends modernity into the art of yoga without compromising its authenticity. He challenges his students to excel every day. He believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and always concentrates on the overall development of his students. His pranayama & meditation classes are pure bliss. Theoretical knowledge plus the practical applicability of the same is a lethal combination in any space. He has mastered it and he possesses great knowledge of yoga, pranayama, and meditation techniques.

Talking about my personal experience, I needed extra caution and attention to be cautious with my already injured and fragile ankle. Adding more trouble to the same was the last thing on my mind. Rohit with his experience and expertise was able to suggest the best asanas to overcome the problem and be safe at the same time. I needed extra attention. Rohit ensures that he gives adequate attention to each one even in a group class. The timings are also pretty much flexible, and he is very accommodating. Walk-in here for a good overall experience of mind and body. This studio must be in no doubt the best one in the locality.

No-43, 005,

9th cross,2nd main,

Anjanadri Enclave,


Bangalore - 560096.




It’s been a great pleasure practicing yoga with Kushi, I am a big fan of Rohith sir and his passion towards creating an awareness about the benefits of yoga. 
I am proud of the fact that even during this difficult and testing times he made sure the classes went on through the online session every single day.

No-43, 005,

9th cross,2nd main,

Anjanadri Enclave,


Bangalore - 560096.




What I have experienced at Kushi Yogalaya is a perfect blend of yoga asana philosophy, integrated with a physical and mental practice that builds strength, resilience, and endurance.

Apart from losing a lot of weight, I have gained a lot of flexibility and strength in my entire body. This is a remarkable and life-changing experience as I now see yoga in every aspect of my daily life.

Yoga has been a traditional lifestyle in every household of our country since ancient times. Kushi Yogalaya is doing a fantastic job spread this knowledge across the world.

Please keep up the excellent work!

No-43, 005,

9th cross,2nd main,

Anjanadri Enclave,


Bangalore - 560096.


Classical Dancer & Artistic Director (PraVesham)

Strategic Healthcare Management Consultant 


Blessed are those who have realized the importance of Yogasanas and have been regularly practicing. Being a Classical dancer and working in health care industry always intend to bring grace  ( control, smooth & elegance) in the activities I perform. I should say if its Rohit Sir's training ,I don't need to think about putting in efforts. He ensures it is got at a very subconscious level. 
The interesting aspect is that the sessions are backed up with theory and logical reasoning. I extremely feel glad that my efficiency in dance and at work has improved considerably 

His attention towards personalised improvement towards poses , and relevant step A's and B's  to attain a particular posture has always revered me. 

Flexibility,  Cleanliness, Encouragement,  Perseverance, Respect , Punctuality are some of the aspects that KushiYogalaya can promise to it's yogis/ yoginis. 

Thankyou !

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Kushi Yogalaya, Saraswathi Puram Main Road, AGB Layout, Saraswathipura, Nandhinilayout, Bengaluru, Karnataka


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