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marichyasana c-learn the easy way to do the challenging pose.

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Marichyasana C
Yoga twisting posture

Lets explore marichyasana C

Sage Marichi is the Son of Lord Brahma, Sage marichi was one among the saptharishis and is sometimes referred to as Manasaputra.

Lord Brahma the creator of the universe needed a few people who could be held responsible for the creation of the remaining universe.

He created Prajapatis who became the father of the human race. Since these Prajapati were created from his mind they are called “ Manasaputras” and sage marichi is one of them.

Marichyasana is a pose that is done seated on a YogaMat with one leg folded and the other outstretched.

Marichyasana in Ashtanga yoga is practiced with vinyasa and the variation is called marichyasana A, B, C, and D.

Each of these yoga poses is done in a sequence and one can attempt Marichyasana C after mastering the A and B sequences.

This pose is done by twisting the torso which gives a good amount of pressure on abdominal organs and activates them to work effectively.

The twisting effect is also known to activate the jewel of the chakra called Manipura chakra. The Manipura chakra when activated motivates you and propels you forward.

How to do Marichyasana C

1. Sit on the mat with both legs stretched straight in front.

2. Bend your right leg at the knees and place the sole of your right foot flat on the floor. The right shin of the right leg must be perpendicular to the floor and the right calf is touching the right thigh. Place the right heel near the perineum. The inner side of the right heel should touch the inner side of the left thigh.

3. Exhale, turn the spine about 90 degrees to the right so that the chest goes beyond the bent right thigh, and bring the left arm over the left thigh.

4. Try placing the left shoulder beyond the right knee and stretching the left arm out forward by turning the spine further to the right and stretching the region at the back of the right floating ribs. Breathe normally here.

5. With an exhalation, wrap the left arm around the right knee and place the right palm behind the waist.

6. Exhale deeply and bring the right arm at the back of the waist and clasp both hands firmly holding the fingers or holding the wrist of the right hand if possible.

7. Stay in this pose for 20 seconds or a minute, then release the hands come back to dandasana, and repeat the sequence on the other side.

Amazing Benefits of Marichyasana C:

1. Strengthens the core and gives a good amount of flexibility to the spine which helps release the back pain.

2. The pressure on abdominal organs helps in activating organs associated with digestion and metabolic activities.

3. This pose gives a good range of motion for shoulder muscles.

4. The core works and facilitates fat burning around the waist.

5. Improves posture and breathing.

Caution You must Know while doing Marichyasana C

  • People with spine and neck issues must avoid doing this pose.

  • This pose gives a deep stretch to the shoulder joint hence do not attempt this forcibly or when there is a pain or injury in the shoulder region.

Modification of Pose:

Marichyasana C can be challenging to many, especially for beginners who lack flexibility. After my exploration, I got this video of Lois Steinberg who is an Iyengar yoga teacher and from her years of experience, she is seen delineating this pose to all categories of people like young and old, people of different sizes and levels of flexibility.

I hope this will help you to decipher the method and possibly do the pose with ease and perfection. Watch the full video and practice regularly.

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Usha Shinde
Usha Shinde
Dec 14, 2023

Excellent explanation about name of asana ,its effect on chakra and steps to do it.thank you so much Sir

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