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Vrkshasana - Helps to handle emotion in stressful situation

Life is full of challenge, life situation always brings certain amount of pressure. There is a pressure to meet the deadlines set at work, pressure to succeed, students are in a constant pressure to study and excel academically. You must be able manage pressure and stay calm in most of given situations. Vrshasana is one such pose which brings poise and helps you to manage your emotions effectively.

Some of the Asana are named after vegetation and one such example is vrkshasana. The term vrksha in Sanskrit denotes Tree. This is a very basic standing posture which anyone can do with regular practice.

Type: Standing

Level: Basic

Duration: Hold for 30 Seconds to 1 Minute on both sides

How to do:

1. Stand a Tadasana or mountain Pose.

2. Bend the right leg and grab the right ankle with both hands, slowly bring the right foot on left inner thigh and place it such that toes are pointing downwards.

3. Now you are balancing on the left leg , simuntaneously raise your hands overhead and join the palms and ensure that biceps are close to ears.

4. Retain the posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute with deep breathing, then release the hands slowly followed by your right leg rested on left thigh and come to samasthithi or Tadasana.

5. This pose being complimentary must be repeated on other side follow the step from 1 to 4 on other side and come back to tadasana.


1. This pose gives a sense of balance and helps in improving self control.

2. This pose when held for more time tones the leg muscles.

3. Concentration is improved.

4. Stretches shoulders and arms and removes stiffness.


1. Injuries pertaining to legs

This is a very basic posture however beginners might find it difficult so practice against the wall till you gain the balance. Always ensure to stand erect while in posture.

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