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Sirsasana "The king of Yoga Asana"

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Salamba Sirsasana: The name of this pose is derived from Sanskrit Word- “Salamba is Supported”, “Sira is head” ,and “asana is Posture”. People refer this has Headstand in English. Headstand is popular among yogis and some practitioner are used to do headstand daily and stay in the pose to the maximum duration due to its amazing benefits it has on both mental and physical aspects. One benefit which people doing this wonderful pose claim is that it prevents hairloss. When one is doing sirsasana the blood rushes to scalp which gives good circulation as your body is inverted.

Sirsasana must be done only after one has practiced other asana and developed stamina ,as while doing this asana you require certain amount of strength in your arms,shoulder and core muscles. In sirsasana though the balance is done with crown of your head it requires coordination from other body parts as well. Initally this can be done through assistance of spotter or against to wall and later individually after the basic body alignment is possible.

Major Benefits of Sirsasana:

- Due to its Antigravity effect ,it improves the blood circulation.

- It is known to help in strengthening the heart muscles.

- Its aids in Digestion.

- Headstand is known to relieve stress and helps in improving concentration.

- As you get inverted the blood is rushed to eyes and issue with eyes could be combated

- Due to co-ordination of various parts while doing Sirsasana ,we develop stamina and strength.

- Stimulates lymphatic system.


1) One must attempt this pose only after some preparatory pose and warm up is done.

2) If you feel any uneasiness and discomfort like headache or dizziness you must stop doing.

3) Your body must be aligned straight to avoid hurting your spine.

4) Try Avoiding this pose if you have any back problems.

How to do:

Step-1 : Come on your mat with your hands and knees on the floor,from here interlace your fingers behind your head.

Step-2 : Place the crown of your head on floor and lift your knee off the floor ,at this stage your body is supported by crown of your head,elbows and ball of your feet.

Step-3 : Slowly walk your feet towards chest so that your torso is straight.

Step-4 : From here with your core engaged lift your one leg up followed by other leg.

Step-5 : Raise your leg straight up towards ceiling and balance the posture as long as you are comfortable

Step-6 : Slowly bring your legs down on mat and stay on balasana or child pose for a while before finishing.

Sirsasana is the most classical and admired Yoga asana and this is practiced by yogis since ages. When Performing this pose it gives mastery over the body,helps in overcoming fears in mind and takes you towards a meditative arts.

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