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Best Asana to cure slip disc - Salabhasana

What is Salabhasana:

Salabhasana is a pose which resembles the locust ( a kind of grasshopper ) resting on ground. This pose is practiced as a preparation for many back bends.

How to do salabhasana:

1. Lie down flat on stomach and face downwards on the mat , keep your arms along side your body and palms facing the thighs.

2. Exhale, lift the head, chest and both the legs at same

time as high as possible and ensure your hands are off the ground. Your body is balanced only on abdomen and pelvic.

3. Stay in this position and breathe normally for 20 seconds or more based on your ability.

4. Slowly release the pose by coming down to relax, repeat the sequence 2 or 3 times if needed.

5. You may face difficulty lifting the chest and legs initially, but this becomes simpler with regular practice and when your abdominal muscles grow stronger.

Benefits of Salabhasan:

1. The pressure on abdominal organs in this pose activates them and ensure.

a> Proper Digestion

b> Eliminates gastric trouble and flatulence.

2. Known to be highly effective in relieving lower back pain.

3. According to BKS Iyengar persons suffering from slip discs have found the cure without surgery by practicing this asana .

4. Boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Different variation can be tried for people at different fitness and age category. Refer the video explanation with different variation explained by our renowned yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

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