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Test your stamina with purvottanasana

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

what is Purvottanasana( Upward Plank ):

Purvottanasana, doing this posture represents the sun's energy according to the beliefs of Yoga. The origin of the word Purva is from Sanskrit means east and uttana means intense or rising.

The benefits of Purvottanasana is broad. Doing this pose gives a good stretching to the Front ankles, chest, shoulders. In addition to this, it strengthens the wrist, legs, and back muscles. It is also known to build strength in Triceps.

Sometimes this asana counters the Dandasana or the poses performed keeping your posterior side facing downwards. This pose could be difficult for novice, however with regular practice, one can notice the difference in attaining the perfection in pose as well as improve the strength.

How to do Upward Plank

  1. Sit on the floor keeping your legs outstretched, this pose is seated dandasana. Place the palms on either side of the hips. Your fingers must be pointing towards your feet.

  2. Slightly bend the knees and try to put your whole feet on the ground.

  3. Exhale, press the palms down bearing the body weight and lift the hips off the floor. Straighten the arms and legs. Your body is balanced on feet and palms.

  4. Position yourself such that your arms are perpendicular from wrist to shoulder and your trunk from shoulder to waist is parallel to the floor.

  5. Send your head back and try to hold his position for one minute and breathe normally.

  6. Exhale and slowly release the pose and come back to dandasana.

Caution while practicing purvottanasana:

  • People with major wrist injuries and back issues must avoid doing this posture

  • Those suffering from ankle pain or injuries should also avoid this posture till recovery.

Benefits of practicing Purvottanasana:

1.Gives Relaxation from stress or stiffness:

Due to sedentary work or long hours sitting nowadays, it's rare to see a person coming home feeling fresh. Improper food, lack of hydration, sedentary lifestyle is always resulting in stress.

This stress further percolates and shows in the form of ache, stiffness. The people who practice yoga can overcome these issues. Especially Purvottanasana is known to help relieve pain concentrated in different parts.

2. Increase Core Strength :

The upwards plank or Purvottanasana aids to reinforce you to further practice the Advanced balancing poses like handstand. You need a strong core and strong hands which makes your task of doing the handstand easier.

In Mysore style Ashtanga yoga practice, Purvottanasana is one of the postures in the Primary series which is done with vinyasa which makes it more challenging.

3. Strengthens your wrists, triceps, and leg muscles.

Nowadays the upward plank is given prominence in the gym workout as well. This pose is also known to tone your whole body and helps in reducing fat accumulated in the waist.

Yoga is a boon for all of us, Yoga is also a Practice that helps you in getting rid of all other unhealthy practices. Make yoga your fitness regime and start gaining from this brilliant art.

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