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Hanumanasan or the Front split

Lets us know the interesting story behind the Hanumanasana or the Front split.This is an Advanced pose in Yoga which has its legend from Ramayana. Lord hanuman as we call him in India was said to be representing the qualities of Physical strength,bravery and his devotion towards Lord Rama. He had a main role for uniting Queen sita with her beloved Rama. The hanumansan represents the incident in which lord hanuman had taken a giant leap. In the first Hanuman had jumped from India to Srilanka to give message to sita about lord rama’s arrival and the second was to protect Lakshman when he was fatally injured ,lord hanuman had to leap to Himalayas to procure the herb in order to restore Lakshman.

Hanumanasana is a practice which requires consistency and adequate warmup is a must before attempting it. This pose should be done with caution and mastery in preparatory poses like anjaneyasan,parsvottanasana is needed. This pose gives extreme stretch to quadriceps as well as hamstrings.

How to do:

1. After adequate warm up or performing suryanamaskar ,stand erect on mat with hands beside hips ,this is called tadasana.

2. Step your right leg forward and slowly slide it forward till your foot is facing front and at the same time your left leg knee is placed on floor ,in this position you can place your hand on either side to protect yourself from falling.

3. From here based on the level of flexibility release support from hand and rely on body weight to move further down.

4. In the Final stage your posterior side of left leg and anterior side of right leg will be touching the floor.

5. Repeat this on other side.


· Tones your leg muscles and strengthens.

· Your quadriceps and hamstrings are stretched.

· Abdominal organs are stimulated ,and also aids in digestion.

· Improves the range of motion ,good for joints


Do not force or apply more pressure to attain this pose ,eventually its your consistent practice which matters to gain that flexibility.

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