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DragonFly or Maksikanaganasana

Dragonfly – It is known as very Skillful when its comes to flying ,Dragon Fly can Fly up in vertical line and can plunge down easily . It can do various activities like eating its prey while balancing itself in the air.Some dragon flies live for few days and some are known to leave for a Year. Studies indicate that the dragongly can fly upto 17000 Kms . Doing this pose of dragonfly will buildup the required stamina and strength as it is a real challenging pose.

Practising this pose is not recommended in the beginning as this requires great amount of flexibility in hip joints and lateral region of your body. It is always better to build the initial flexibility and stamina by practicing the preparatory poses like baddakonasana (Cobbler ),Akarna Dhanurasana,Bakasana. One must first try to master the twisting poses and arm balancing poses before attempting this pose.

How to do it:

1. After doing essential warm up and preparatory poses like twisting and balancing , place your right ankle on left upper thighs just above the knee.

2. Fold your left leg holding the right ankle on it ,maintain the distance between your torso and your left thigh so that you can easily twist towards left.

3. Twist your body towards left and try placing your right tricep on your right foot, your right foot is firmly gripped on right tricep.

4. Gradually shift your weight on both hands and try lifting your left leg so that it is exactly parallel to the floor.

5. Stay in this pose for few breath or as long as possible and since it is a complimentary pose ,this should be performed on other side as well.

Benefits of this Pose:

1. This pose is a combination of arm balance and twisting ,hence this gives a good strength for your arms,core and leg muscles. Improves strength and stamina.

2. The twisting effect gives good massage to your abdominal organs which helps in digestion.

3. Helps in improving your concentration to a very greater extent.

4. The intense stretch aids in better circulation.

5. Immunity against disease is improved.

6. Gives good amount of flexibility and range of motion is improved which helps in relieving the joint pain.

“Yoga is the best way for health and Fitness”. Remember this Yoga Every Day keeps doctor away.

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