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Diabetes Explosion in India

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

*Nation has Most cases of diabetes in the World: 70 million.

*Diabetes is striking people in India far more Quicker than other countries.

*Disturbing Trend is that diabetes often strikes indians in their 20's as compared to earlier age of 40's and 60's.

*India is Emerging as Diabetes Capital in the world.

General Symptoms of Diabetes:

Increased thirst.

Feeling hungry often.

Weight Loss for no reason.

Blurry vision.

Sores and wound that dont heal.

Extreme Fatigue.


India is a fast Growing country and due to western influence the fast food culture has increased to cite few we have Mcdonalds,Burgerking,KFC,Pizza hut.India is seeing rapid growth in the fast food and restaurant industries. Based on rising disposable income ,changing consumer behaviour and favourable demographics ,india is witnessing tremendous growth in its fast food and restaurant industries. The rising number of nuclear families and growth in the number of employed women,which are also having a significant impact on the eating out trends and growth of fast food industry in the country.The major cause of diabetes is unhealthy lifestyle such as Lack of exercise,Improper diet,Stress,Inadequate sleep etc.

Diabetes is a Metabolic disease that causes Highblood sugar.The hormone insulin moves sugar from the blood into your cells to be stored or used for energy. When diabetes strikes your body either does'nt make enough insulin or cant effectively use the insulin it does make. If a person is consuming too much sugar ( carbohydrate ) your pancrease starts pumping out more insulin .Eventually overworked Pancrease will breakdown and your blood sugar levels will rise..


1.Proper Diet: Diet plays an important role in managing diabetes. The food we consume has a direct impact on your blood sugar levels . As known high carb foods raise your blood sugar levels. It is highly recommended for diabetic to switch from simplex carbohydrate food to complex carbohydrate.

2.Regular exercise: The diabetic are always encouraged to exercise regularly for better blood sugar control .The muscle movement during exercise leads to greater sugar uptake by muscle cells and lower blood sugar levels. Indulge in various forms of workout like Briskwalk in nature,running or slow jog,cycling,swimming,games like badminton or table tennis,Yoga which is highly beneficial.

3.Stress: When a person is confronting stress which is usually called fight or flight response .This response elevates a hormone called cortisol into your blood stream.When this happens repeatedly over a period of time the body immune system is weakened and may also affect organs like pancrease for insulin production.One must learn to control stress effectively and adopt a healthy lifestyle habits like Yoga,meditation and refrain from negative habits such as worry,anger,addiction.

4. Learn to Sleep well: Sleep can affect your blood sugar levels and your blood glucose levels also could affect your sleep. Avoid late night parties or watching television too frequently as this might affect the sleep pattern cycle. Always try to get atleast 6 to 7 hrs of quality sleep. Adequate sleep and good sleep hygiene should be included among the goals of a healthy lifestyle ,especially for patients with diabetes.

5.Maintain your Motivation : Always stay motivated and when diabetes strikes the most important thing is to accept this ,turn any negative thoughts into positive thoughts.Choose a workout activity that you enjoy ,fit into your schedule and also within your budget also helps you to stick with it.You can select some activities that you can do outside and some activities that you can do inside when the weather is bad.

In conclusion its always important to adopt a healthier lifestyle as uncontrolled diabetes may lead to severe complication. A healthy lifestyle is for both who have been already diagnosed with diabetes and people at risk should immediately switch to a better healthy lifestyle.


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