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Yoga for kids e-book

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Yoga for Kids (An Ideal book to Guide children for healthy development through Yoga).

Yoga has become a mantra for adults in recent times due to its effectiveness in curing various ailments and Improve one’s personality.

Kids can be introduced to Yoga at an early age as eight years as they are flexible and their ability to learn new skills is faster.

The practice of yoga for kids is more crucial than ever due to the various challenging task they must execute like getting better grades and excel in overall academic performance.

Kids today spend more time indoors which has made them sedentary as the fear of contagious diseases like COVID has restricted their movement and they hardly play outside.

Yoga for kids is an E-book that guides them to start practicing Yoga staying indoors. This book helps children master the Yogic techniques like Suryanamaskar and 20 illustrated yoga pose which is described in great details using pictures and as simple as possible.

Regular practice of Suryanamaskar and the postures enables kids to :

1. Improves their focus.

2. Boost immunity.

3. Maintain a healthy weight.

4. Become Flexible.

5. Improve physical strength and stamina.

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