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Practice tadasana( mountain pose ) to improve your posture.

What is Tadasana?

The word Tada means Mountain and asana is posture. This posture is also called as Samasthiti. Sthiti is standing still, steadiness.

Tadasana is a Yoga posture where one stands firm and erect as a mountain. Tadasana is a very basic and simple posture which can be practiced by anyone.

How to do Tadasana

1. Stand straight with the feet together, the heels and big toes must touch each other. Rest the heads of metatarsals on the floor and extend all the toes flat on the floor.

2. Tighten the knees and pull the knee caps up, contract the hips and pull up the muscles at the back of the thighs.

3. Now keep the abdomen in, chest forward, spine is erect and the neck is straight.

4. Do not bear the weight of the body on any one side of a foot or either on the heels or the toes but distribute it evenly on both.

5. The arms must be placed by the side of the thighs or can be joined overhead keeping it straight.

Benefits of Tadasana:

Tadasana is a posture which teaches us to stand properly. Many times we notice that we stand in improper posture by putting the weight on any one leg and this wrong posture leads to all kinds of aches in muscles and joints.

Tadasana brings awareness about posture and when practiced regularly we stand upright all the time. Proper posture is a prerequisite for good health.


Practice this Asana under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher if you are a beginner.

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