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Learn warrior 3 pose ( virabhadrasana 3 ) for physical strength.

Virabhadrasana 3 or warrior 3 pose is one of the standing yoga pose known to improve the physical strength. There is an interesting legend about virabhadra. Daksha is one of the son of lord brahma. Sati was his youngest daughter. According to mythology sati was in deep love with god shiva and desired to be his wife. Daksha was against to his daughters wish as sati belonged to royal clan whereas shiva led a very modest lifestyle. Sati finally had to marry shiva against to wish of her father Daksha.

Daksha once celebrated a great sacrifice called Daksha-yajna, but he did not invite his daughter sati and shiva. Sati however couldn’t resists going to the celebration and inspite of shiva’s advice went to the celebration. Sati was greatly insulted that she threw herself into the fire and perished. When shiva heard this he was extremely annoyed ,tore a hair from his matted locks and dropped it to the ground. A mighty hero stood up and waited for shiva’s orders. Virabhadra was ordered to lead shiva’s army against Daksha and destroy his sacrifice. Virabhadra and his army appeared in the middle of Dakshas assembly like a storm and destroyed the sacrifice, overpowered other gods and priests and beheaded Daksha. Daksha was later revived and apologized shiva for his mistake. Sati was born again as uma in the house of himalaya and married shiva.

This pose is dedicated to the powerful hero created by shiva from his matted hair.


1. Stand erect in Tadasana or mountain pose.

2. Raise both arms over the head, stretch up and join the palms.

3. Take a deep inhalation and with jump spread the legs apart sideways 4 to 41/2 feet.

4. Exhale, turn to the right, at the same time turn the right foot 90 degrees to the right and left foot slightly towards the right. Flex the right knee till the right thigh is parallel to the floor and the right shin perpendicular to the floor , forming a right angle between right thigh and right calf. The bent knee should not extend beyond the ankle , but should be in line with the heel.

5. Exhale , bend the trunk forward and rest the chest on the right thigh. Keep the arms straight and the palms together . Rest in this position,taking two breaths.

6. Now exhale and at the same time lift the left leg from the floor by moving the body forwards and also straighten the right leg , making it stiff and straight.

7. Hold this pose till half a minute with deep and even breathing.

8. Repeat the pose on other side holding equal length of time.


· This pose helps to contract and tone the abdominal organs.

· This gives strength to leg muscles hence highly recommended for runners.

· Helps in improving the concentration which is vital for all activities.

· Holding this pose for half a minute is known to improve the stamina.

· This pose reduces the fat round the hips.


1. Avoid this pose if you have any issues pertaining to any of this condition –

Severe neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or high blood pressure.

2. Avoid this if you have any major spine issues or do it only under guidance of experienced yoga teacher.

3. Initially hold the pose based on your fitness level and gradually increase the retention.

4. Perform this pose after the body is warmed up adequately by doing dynamic asanas such as suryanamaskar or gentle stretching.

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