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How to do Marichyasana A and gain optimal health benefit.

What is Marichyasana A and the tale of sage Marichi?

Marichyasana A is a binding Yoga pose that gives a good stretch to the shoulders and massages the abdominal organs. This posture is dedicated to sage Marichi, a son of the lord Brahma who is among the Hindu trinity and also known as the creator.

Marichyasana is practiced in various Yoga styles and is practiced as a series in the Mysore style ashtanga yoga primary series. Marichyasana A is very easy when a pupil is flexible and has a flat abdomen.

How to do Marichyasana A step by step:

1. Sit on the mat keeping your legs outstretched.

2. Bend your right knee and place the sole and heel of the right foot flat on the mat. The shin is kept perpendicular to the mat and the calf muscle must touch the right hamstring.

3. Ensure that the right heel is near the perineum and the inner side of the right foot should touch the inner side of the outstretched left thigh.

4. From this position bend forward and wrap the right arm around the right shin placed perpendicular. Stretch further to place the right palm behind the waist.

5. Now take your left arm behind the waist and clasp both hands behind the waist.

6. Exhale, and bend forward. Rest the forehead, then the nose, next to the lips, and lastly the chin on the right knee. While in this position, keep both shoulders parallel to the floor and breathe normally.

7. Stay in this pose for about 30 seconds and see that the back of the entire extended leg rests on the floor throughout.

8. Inhale, raise the head from the right knee, release the hands, straighten the left leg and come to position one.

9. Repeat the pose on the other side for an equal length of time.

Benefits of Marichyasana A

1. The fingers are strengthened in this pose.

2. The abdominal organs are contracted and activated.

3. This posture creates a better circulation of blood around the abdominal organs and keeps them in good health.

4. Dorsal region is stretched in this asana.

5. Stretches the shoulders and improves their flexibility.


Marichyasana A is easy when the pupil who practices has less fat in the abdomen and who is flexible. The beginners who lack both the requisites mentioned must practice regularly after warm-up to attain this.

Also, if the yoga teacher has good experience, he may adjust to clasp the hands behind the waist.

The preparatory pose which may help for attaining Marichyasana A is

1. Paschimottanasana.

2. Ardhbaddha paschimottanasana.

3. Janu shirasana.

4. Padangusthasana.

The practice of Yoga gives benefits to the body and mind and keeps oneself to stay healthy and fit. One must be aware that yoga is not an instant substitute for medicine. In case of a medical condition, it is a must to consult a doctor and understand the conditions.

Asana must be learned under the supervision of an experienced yoga teacher. Contact us to know about our online yoga classes.

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