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Ekapada koundinyasana

Ekapadakoundinyasana is a Advanced Arm balance pose dedicated to sage Koundinya. This pose is a amalgamation of Strength,flexibility, and balance. Eka in Sanskrit is one and pada is feet and asana is posture.

How to do this :

1. From Adhomukhi svanasana transit to chathuranga dandasana (Four Fold Position ).

2. As you are transiting to chaturanga lift your right leg bend at knees and place it on right arm.

3. From here the body weight is gradually shifted on both the arm.

4. Now slowly straighten the right leg and at the same time try lifting the left leg from floor.

5. Balance here for a while and go back to adhomukhi svanasana and repeat the same sequence on other side.


1. Improves concentration and also sense of balance.

2. The arm strength is increased and helps to develop arm muscles.

3. The core is also strengthened as it works on your abdominal muscles while balancing the body weight.

As mentioned this pose is beneficial for Arms,core and shoulders ,however one must practice the preparatory poses well like chaturanga dandasana,bakasana and splits before trying this pose. A word of caution is avoid slippery mat while performing this pose as any imbalance or fall may lead to face injuries.

“ Maintain Health to enjoy your earned wealth”.

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