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Pinchamayurasana-Forearm stand.

Pinchamayurasana: Pincha Mayurasana also known as Forearm stand is a Balancing pose. In Sanskrit Pincha is Feathers and mayura is Peacock. Pincha mayurasana resembles the Feathered peacock pose. Pinchamayurasana is a combination of both Balancing and Inversion Pose. As a result one can gain the Maximum benefits by mastering this pose. Pinchamayurasana demands the strength in arms as well as core as the body weight is shifted and balanced in inversion. Its advisable to keep a spotter while trying this pose initially or can be done against to wall to prevent falling over.

How to do it:

1. After essential warmup and drills come in crawling position on the Mat.

2. From Crawling your body is positioned in dolphin pose which is called Ardha pinchamayurasana

3. Your body is now supported now on forearms and feet.

4. In dolphin pose walk your feet close to your torso and to gradually shift the weight on forearms.

5. Your elbows are firmly gripped on mat and supports while kicking the feet up to balance.

6. Now your body is balanced on forearm ,stay here for a while keeping your legs straight or you can add variation by bending your legs at knees.

Stay in the pose for few seconds and gradually build the stamina to hold for long.


1) This pose gets all the benefits we gain in inversion like better circulation – When you go upside down , the blood is rushed towards the brain which helps in activating the Pituitary and pineal glands.

2) This pose heightens the energy levels.

3) This is known to detoxify the body.

4) Builds core and upper body strength.


Always end an inverted pose with a savasana or balasana ,until breath and heartbeat is completely normal. Inversion is not recommended for people recovering from injuries or any form of surgery.

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