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Garbha Pindasana

Yoga Classes in Nagarbhavi
Garbha pindasana

Garbha Pinda means an embryo in the womb ( garbha = womb and pinda = embryo ). In this variation of padmasana ,insert the hands and arms in the space between the calves and thighs until elbows are bent. The arms are then brought close to the ears. The pose then resembles that of a human foetus in the womb. The name of the posture indicates that the ancient sages knew about the growth of the human foetus in the mothers womb though the medical instruments at their disposal were limited.


1. Sit in padmasana

2. Insert the hands in the space between the thighs and calves,each on its own side.

3. Push the arms forward till the elbows can be easily bent.

4. Then with an exhalation ,lift the thighs off the floor,balance the body on the coccyx ( Also called tail bone ) and catch the ears with the fingers.

5. Remain in the pose for about 15 to 30 seconds with normal breathing. Lower the legs,release the arms from between the legs one by one, straighten the legs and relax.

6. Change the crossing of the legs and repeat the pose.


In this posture the abdominal organs are contracted completely and the blood is made to circulate well round the organs. This keeps them functioning properly.

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Arun Prasad B
Arun Prasad B
Nov 11, 2019

Very informative and inspiring

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