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Bakasana or Crane Pose

Bakasana in Sanskrit is called cranepose. This is one of the most Important asanas in Arm balances,this pose when mastered might help one to practice the handstand easily. Bakasana is a strengthening as well as balancing pose which requires great amount of concentration while performing. It is Necessary to do essential warmup before attempting to do this pose.

How to do:

1. From tadasana lean forward and squat down, reach your palms on floor and firmly gripped.

2. At this point try locking the knees into the armpit and slowly raise the feet off the floor.

3. Now the weight of your body is gradually shifted forward such that your entire body weight is balanced on arms.

4. Stay in this pose as long as comfortable and repeat if needed.


· This pose is known to increase Physical and Mental Strength.

· It Increases endurance capacity

· This pose is known to increase strengthen arms,shoulders and wrists.

· Makes your Abdominal Muscles stronger.

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