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Ashtavakrasana: Ashtavakrasana is named after a sage called ashtavakra . Ashtavakra is admired vedic sage in Hinduism. Ashatavakara got his name due to the Eight different deformities he had since birth. Sage Ashtavakara got this deformities due to the curse by his father. It is believed that when ashtavakra was in his mothers womb ,various teachings were explained to him by his father Kahola. In the process of transferring the knowledge sage kahola recited vedas wrongly to which the baby in womb corrected the mistake, unfortunately sage kahola got annoyed and cursed the baby which resulted him to be born with deformities. It is learnt that later ashtavakra was cured of all his deformities when he supported his father in a debate. This pose is dedicated to sage ashtavakra

Ashtavakarasana is an Advanced balancing pose which can be done easily with consistent practice. All you need is develop the strength in arms,shoulders and a strong core.

How to do:

1. From seated dandasana lift your right leg up,bend at knee and try placing it on right shoulder.

2. Your right leg is now rested on right arms and shoulder

3. Now lift your left leg and stack your left ankle on right ankle

4. From this position try lifting your hips off the floor and extend your legs towards right.

5. Your entire body is now balanced with your arms.

6. Stay in the pose as long as comfortable and repeat same on other side.


1. Strengthens Wrist, arms and shoulders.

2. Strengthens the core muscles.

3. Improves sense of balance and Concentration.

4. Reduces fat around the waist.

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