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why Yoga in the evening is the best alternative for busy people

Can I Practice Yoga in the evening?

Yoga can be practiced in the evening, but we must ensure that the gap between your food intake and the practice session is at least a minimum of 3 hours.

Not maintaining the gap between a meal and asana may result in digestive issues like constipation, or we may even throw up as some asanas involve inversions.

Why is yoga practice emphasized in the morning?

The practice of yoga is highly recommended in the early morning, and most of the yogis would start it as early as 4.30 AM. The period 4.24 AM to 5.12 AM is considered Brahma Muhurtam, which means the "creator's time" as Brahma is believed as lord of the creator.

The Brahma muhurta is considered to be an auspicious time for all the yogic and spiritual practice. The yoga practiced at this time is said to be more effective than any other timeframes.

Waking up early to practice yoga is much suitable as the bowels are emptied out, and we are in a state of an empty stomach, which is ideal.

The body and mind are completely relaxed as we are asleep at night, which enables us to focus better in the morning rather evening.

It is believed that oxygen percentage is higher during the morning, and breathing deeper during the practice of yoga has numerous benefits such as improved respiration, better circulation, and all the organs function at their optimal.

Practicing yoga in the evening is the best alternative for people busy in the morning:

Yoga in the morning is ideal, but not all have the privilege to practice due to different work schedules, and in a few cases, people have to start their jobs before sunrise.

Practicing yoga in the evening has benefits, and multiple yoga studios conduct yoga classes in the evening. I have gathered the feedback of yogis who practice yoga after sunset, and the following are some of the benefits mentioned by them.

Benefits of doing yoga in the evening:

The practice of yoga in the evening and the stretching of muscles will reduce stress and induce good sleep. In fact, some of them stated that their insomnia issues are cured.

The muscles are flexible in the evening compared to the morning, which makes it easier to bend, twist, and do all types of yogic postures easily and ensure proper alignment.

Some of them admitted that mornings their mind was occupied with work pressure, which made them hard to focus on breath and alignment, and evening is when they are free from worries.

Eventually, there are undeniable advantages for practicing yoga in the morning or evening. One should choose the time based on your lifestyle, work schedule, and availability.

Be flexible and consistent with your practice, and remember that every effort counts.

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