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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chaturthi or ganesha habba as we refer down south is a festival done by hindu household to celebrate the birthday of lord ganesha. This festival is popular in whole of india where people buy the ganesha idols made of clay and worship the deity. It is very common to find that special sweet prepared on this day is modak or kadabu as this was lord ganesh ji’s favorite dish. The idols are immersed in lakes after which the hindu tradition believe that ganesh will return to mount kailash to stay with shiva and parvati

Why worship Lord Ganesh:

Lord Ganesh is first worshipped in india as it is believed that he’s a remover of obstacles and also considered as the god of intellect and wisdom. People prefer keeping lord ganesh idols in home, office or important locations and the idols are made of various forms such as silver,Gold, ivory,while some are studded with rubies and opals. The hindu god ganesha is respected by all . He is believed to grant wishes and help improve your wealth and job prospects. Blessings of Lord ganesh are said to be the most powerful ones and the devotion of this wonderful deity does not stay within hindu boundaries ,but extends to other religions like Jainism ,buddhism etc.


Ganesha is son of Parvati and Shiva and brother of Kartikeya. Let us know the hindu mythology about how lord ganesh got his elephant head. One of the most widespread stories says that ganesha’s mother ,Parvathi created the boy to guard her door while she bathed. As lord shiva was away on his meditative travelling Parvati set her new son as guard while she bathed. Surprisingly shiva returned home and was stopped by boy ganesh to enter inside. Shiva tried to convince but as lord ganesh was not listening this led shiva to become furious and cut his head with sword. At the commotion Parvati ran from her bath and opposed lord shiva for mercilessly killing Ganesh. Shiva was apologetic and ordered for new head to be found for the boy and first creature available was elephant ,Ganesh gained a new head and became the most unique of the hindu god.

Lord Ganesh Association with Yoga:

In yoga lord ganesh is said to be connected to the Muladhara chakra,which signifies survival and material wellbeing. Some time the Muladhara chakra is also referred to as ganesh mudra . This mudra is said to support or motivate the practitioner to persevere when they are down. The muladhara chakra is located at the base of the spine. The muladhara chakra is also called adhara chakra as the other chakras are above this. Kundalini is known to be dormant in this chakra. In Yogasana there are three asanas which activates this chakra and connecting with ganesh’s energy.

1. Sukhasana – Its an easy pose done by sitting in folded leg with chinmudra.

2. Balasana- Also called childs pose.

3. Trikonasana- Popularly known as Triangle pose.

“Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.”

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